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Does your dog need a mid-day break while you are away at work all day? What dog wouldn't love that mid-day walk while you're away at work? Combine that with ball playing, and some social interaction, then you  have a doggie dream and plenty of TLC! Give your dog a safe and fun way to keep fit with an adventure walk.
15 Minute "potty break"     $15
30 Minute Adventure Walk  $20 
($5 additional dog)
 "A LA WALK" as needed dog walks 
Ever wish you had someone who could take the dog out while you work late? Or maybe you want to go out after work but don’t want to rush home to walk your dog? Why not let Spoiled Pawz do that for you!  It’s called the "a la walk". You call us only when you need us even if it's last minute! All walks include feeding dinner (or snack) to your dog(s), plus all the extras Spoiled Pawz offers to weekly clients. This includes bringing in the mail and/or newspapers, checking security of the house, and closing all blinds. We will even turn on or leave on a light inside and turn on an outside light for you when you come in after a late night at work or out on the town. These visits can be cancelled with no charge, as long as we have 4 hours notice.

$22 for 30 minute walks
$18 for "potty break" (15minutes)
($5 additional dog) 
Are you going away for a vacation and bringing the pets with you? Spoiled Pawz doesn't just take care of your pets but your home too. Spoiled Pawz offers to come into your home once a day and do a total security check of the house to make sure everything is safe and secure, by checking all doors and windows. It also includes rotating lights and blinds, bringing in the mail and/or newspapers, and watering the plants.

Price per day: $10
Going on vacation or business trip and don't want bother the neighbor to watch Fido or Fluffy while your away? Spoiled Pawz offer different options to help find the best solution for your pet(s) from either us coming to your house or having your dog come to us. We are here for you when you can't be that's our PROMISE. 
DOG CARE: Check In Service (we come to you) Your dog will receive one-on-one attention, and you will get the bonus of someone checking the security of your home. This security check will include securing all doors and windows. It also includes rotating lights and blinds, bringing in the mail and newspapers, and watering the plants for no additional charge. The check in service for your dog(s) includes: a 30 minute walk/play time in the morning and 45 minute walk/play time in the evening and, of course plenty of fresh food and water, play time, and plenty of TLC. 
Price per day: $55
(for additional pets please inquire)


DOG CARE: Sleep Over At Sitter's House. DOGS ONLY

In Sitter’s home includes cage free boarding and free run of the house. The dog(s) has a HUGE fenced in yard with lots of room to run and play! Plus there will always be playmates to play with. Your dog will also get a mid-day walk for no additional charge. 

Rules for In Sitter’s Home Boarding are the following: must have manners that include being house trained, non-dog aggressive behavior and up to date on all their shots including kennel cough.

If you are interested in having your dog board with us, we ask that we do a free trail run with your dog and our dogs to make sure everyone gets along. Your dog will stay at sitter’s home for 1 to 2 hours so we are able to observe your dog’s behavior. We only offer this on the weekends ONLY and require to have a minimum of a week to 2 weeks before scheduled trip. 

Price per day: $65 (per 24 hours) $40 for additional dog in the same house. 

$45 for half day boarding (day care)

CAT CARE: Check In Service
Cats also need to be taken care of.  We will come to your home to check on the cat once or twice a day. This includes fresh food and water, daily litter scooping, play time, and of course TLC. 
LillyPrice per day: $25 2x  day
Price per day: $15 1x  day



Do you want your dog to have better manners? Does your puppy need to know the importance of being a good dog? Spoiled Pawz offers in home dog training with you and your dog. Each class runs a typically 6 weeks depending on which level of training you are interested in.

Puppy Kindergarten $140 
(prefect for puppies at 8 weeks or older) 

Basic Obedience Training $120
(at any age or older than 1 year)

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